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Writely Beta Invitations Available!

Did you miss out on a Writely beta invitation? Have you been waiting patiently whilst Google do whatever they will to it, so that you can try it out?

Fear not. Invitations are available. Leave Cody a note on his website and he’ll sort you out with a Writely log in. Hoorah!

Wondering what the hell Writely is? It’s a web based, collaborative word processing application. And it’s beautiful. Go now. Get an invite. Check it out!

14 thoughts on “Writely Beta Invitations Available!

  1. If its possible I wouldlike a writely invite if you have any left….Thanks in advance….

  2. seriously guys. I don’t have the invite. Cody does.

    lordy. remind me never to promote anyone elses invitational beta testing on my blog!


  3. HI,

    If you still have got Writely invitations I would love to get one. Regards from Finland!


  4. I would love a “writely” invite, please (assuming you still have any).

    Thanks again!


  5. I have had a lot of trouble trying to access the new writely … I would be grateful if you could spare an invitation. tks

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