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wish you were here (at BarCamp London)

ok. I know… it’s sad and nerdy that I’m so excited about being able to do this, but hooray! here I am, blogging at BarCamp.

It was a bit tough getting up this morning and heading off for two days of talking and listening about work… but v glad to be here. It’s been interesting and there’s a great vibe around the place. And there are even two other Aussies here!

Ivanka & Paul and I have done our first of three presentations a little while ago and we were pretty excited when people turned up. I think we had a pretty interesting discussion.

More soon!

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2 thoughts on “wish you were here (at BarCamp London)

  1. Enjoyed the discussion… especially the horror of certain people about referring to “users” as a mass entity. I got the point but not the ferver with which they expressed it!

    In fact the biggest take-away for me from the weekend was to do with usability though in the techy sense … the Hijax session which I think you were in too, with the emphasis on subtle advances that have a fall back for less advanced browsers etc.

  2. Glad to hear things are going well over there Leisa – are you enjoying the broadband speeds? I will get in touch about that soon – am writing an article and would love to have some comparisons to offer to suggest why blogging is still a fairly ‘elite’ activity down here.

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