what has Google Analytics done?!

It seems that Google Analytics has launched some new features including – hoorah! – the ability for people NOT in the US to see their stats in local time. Very nice, thanks for that Google. BUT! every since then I’m finding my poor old blog is taking AAAAGGGGEEESSSS to load, while it waits, and waits and waits for Google Analytics. Not sure about you, but that’s probably the number one reason for getting rid of stats code. In fact, that’s almost enough to make me stop dreaming of Measure Map.

Come on Google. Pull your finger out already. Let my blog load quickly again!

(Waves to the lucky people who read via RSS!)

4 thoughts on “what has Google Analytics done?!

  1. I’ve been noticing the “waiting for google-analytics.com” message in my statusbar for a while now.

  2. I have also noticed a Google Analytics-related slow down on your site recently – it’s only a few seconds, but that’s a lifetime at twitch speed. ;-)

  3. hrm… could it be I was blaming Google out of turn. I just received this email from the guys at MapSurface saying:

    We have had some connective problems with one of the MapSurface servers. If you are still using MapSurface your site may have slowed down between 1-3 May. The problem was caused by a rare combination of upstream network problems and server configuration mistakes.

    I took out the map surface code that I had in my template yesterday, and normal service seems to have resumed.., so maybe it was their fault. Seems that way.

    (although, there was also a half hour or so of downtime this morning, but that was a very rare glitch from DreamHost).

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