welcome visitors :)

Are you a first time visitor? well then, Welcome! There’s been a few of you lately.

If you’ve got a few moment, why not check out some other posts that people seem to have liked. Here’s a couple: Storytelling & Requirements Gathering (about how group talk and focus groups can be an utter waste of time) inspired by Malcolm Gladwell, The Six Species of Information Architect (if you’re into that kind of thing), Pencil Rules (about how designing with pencil is MUCH better than with a computer), women of 2.0 (get up, stand up) they’re out there, they’re just often a little quiet, or perhaps User Centred Design & Legwaxing – an Instructional Analogy, just for something different.

As you might notice, people are generally quite talkative around here, so please, don’t be shy. Leave me a note and let me know what you think! For some reason that Cognitive Pleasures post has been entirely silent. God knows why, lots of us should have strong opinions on it, I would have thought!