UX London Tweets – Peter Merholz

Here is a dump of my live tweets during Peter’s presentation at UX London. I’m writing a more coherent version of this for Johnny Holland – coming soon!

  • the legacy of org chart mentalities is silo-ing the customer experience, the website is only one part. Need to get up the chain
  • use mental models and personas to understand goals, behaviours and what keeps your customer up at night worrying
  • Customer experience is not something that the organization buys, it’s a mindset it adopts.
  • Experiences> Interactions> Touchpoints> Procedures> Systems. Good UX starts at Experience, most companies start at Systems
  • consider Experience Principles, not just ‘voice’ as a foundation of Brand
  • Need to figure out how to communicate what we want to do in order to get others to embrace it.
  • What are u doing to get other people excited about the opportunities? What can u do to communicate ur ideas to get people inspired
  • we need to think of design as ACTIVITY – that a whole organisation can engage in. We become faciliators #uxlondon (ed note: +++ )
  • Everyone from the CEO down can be involved in collaborative design processes. Collaboration doesn’t make it slower.
  • Q: how do we get good experience without a visionary CEO? A: A good set of experience principles helps develop vision from within