UX London Tweets – Luke Wroblewski

Here is a dump of my live tweets during Luke’s presentation at UX London. I’m writing a more coherent version of this for Johnny Holland – coming soon!

  • Next up at #uxlondon @lukewdesign talking about Parti & the Design Sandwich… cryptic much! :)
  • How do all the things like design patterns, best practices, design principles, design visions etc. fit together?
  • imagine having 590 Million customers and 10K stakeholders… that’s Design that homepage!
  • Parti = the big idea
  • A parti is different to a vision statement bc it is expressed through the language of design incl. experiential and aesthetic
  • tech opportunity, resource alightment, company strategy, market factors, customer insights, all contribute to Parti
  • Parti derives from usage metrics, customer feedback, market trends, corporate strategy, revenue objectives, concept testing….
  • Parti – ‘the dashboard for what you love on the web’
  • emerging theme from #uxlondon – communicating your design work/principles effectively is as important as the design work you’re doing.
  • It’s not about having control over this big idea, it’s about being able to get everyone aligned around it.
  • no one customises/personalises. (@lukewdesign of says so – tell your boss)
  • The top of the Design Sandwich is Design Principles (Jensen Harris’ MS Design Tenets on screen for the 2nd time today)
  • Good idea or no? Someone has an idea, evaluate that idea against your design principles – does that idea align with principle?
  • Design Considerations are at the bottom of the Design Sandwich (Opportunities & Limitations)
  • What is Best Practice? Not how you can solve a problem but how you should solve it.
  • in situations where bad decisions happened, people lacked some information that would have helped make the right decision @jmspool
  • the rest of the design sandwich (the filling) = design patterns, best practices and research/testing.
  • a poor designer will attempt to hold onto a failed parti, thus losing the integrity of the whole. Create another parti!