UX London Tweets – Dan Saffer

Here is a dump of my live tweets during Dan’s presentation at UX London. I’m writing a more coherent version of this for Johnny Holland – coming soon!

  • Designing from the Inside-Out: Behaviour as the Egine of Product Design with @odannyboy
  • @21five good pickup. We don’t customise on the web. Mobile is a completely different story
  • it is easier to focus on things like form than it is on behaviour.
  • many competitive products do very similar things, it is the behaviour of the products that differentiates them (eg iphone/nokia)
  • features are not a good long term strategy for product differentiation. eg. Flip Camcorders
  • behaviour led design can be a great defender against featuritis
  • very pretty KeyNote transitions @odannyboy. Esp the glistening obligatory Don Norman quote :)
  • It’s easy to replicate features but it is hard to copy how those features behave if care is taken to design them well
  • Stop looking for people’s goals and preferences and start looking for what they do and why they do it.
  • Focus on: Motivations, Expectations, Actions, not demographics or preferences for customer modeling
  • Transitions Matter #uxlondon (ref: previous tweet re: Dan’s keynote transitions. lol)
  • @odannyboy is talking about Buddha Nature (core activity) and the Hero Task. Think they would enjoy @lukewdesign‘s Parti
  • If the product was an action, what would that action be? There is a big difference btwn ‘design X’ and ‘design something to do X’
  • ‘So, am I saying form follows function? Somewhat, but don’t quote me’ @odannyboy