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UK UX Freelancer Rate Review 2010

If you do UX as part of your job, you’re based in the UK and you’re a freelancer, this survey is for you.

The background:

The UK UPA recently released a salary survey for 2010 (warning: PDF) which included a tiny overview of freelancers day rates and ‘salary satisfaction’.

These rates, which could now be considered a reference point for both current and potential freelancers and clients, were drawn from a base of 44 responses (up from 39 last year). This is a pitifully small sample and no where near the sample size needed to provide any confidence that this data is indicative of the current situation in the field.

Given that I reckon I personally know about 30 UX freelancers in the UK, and there are many I don’t know – I reckon we can do better than that.

So, rather than whinge at the UPA anymore, I’ve drafted a survey and I would love it if we can find all the UX Freelancers we know in the UK and get them to complete it.

It’s totally anonymous, so if you want to find out what the results are you’ll need to check back here (add a comment below if you want notification), or follow me on Twitter.

The survey will close on 10 December, and I’m hoping we can get at least 150 responses between now and then.

So, if you’re a UX Freelancer in the UK, please come and complete the survey now.

If you know a UX Freelancer, please point them to this survey and encourage them to complete it.

Let’s create an accurate view of the UK UX Freelancing marketplace that can help guide all of us as we set our rates and that can help our clients make good decisions about the appropriate rate of pay for people in our industry.

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