Summertime is for speaking

well, it seems it is for me this year! Here’s what I’m up to:

Reboot 9.0 – I’m off to Copenhagen at the end of the month to go to Reboot for the first time. I’ve heard rave reviews of this conference and can’t wait to experience it myself. I’m going to be talking about Ambient Intimacy (in the middle of preparing the presentation right now and *really* enjoying it!)

Enterprise 2.0 – then in June, it’s off to Boston to talk about Social Project Management (Everything Big is Small Again) at Enterprise 2.0. I’m slated to for the ungodly timeslot of 8am which will probably work well with my jetlag, but I’m almost not expecting an audience! ;)

User Experience Week – come August, I’m terribly excited about going to Washington DC to be a part of Adaptive Path’s User Experience week, where I’m going to do an extended mix of the Washing Machine talk and tackle the exciting yet hairy question of how us designers can better engage with agile practices.

d.Construct – if I’d have known that I’d end up speaking in between Jared Spool and Peter Merholz, I probably would have thought twice about agreeing to speak at d.Construct… eh, who am I kidding, this is *the* conference in the UK that I’ve been most looking forward to going to, especially since this year’s theme is ‘Designing the User Experience’, I would have said yes just to make sure I got a ticket!

So, exciting times ahead! I’m putting in a bulk order for rescue remedy ;)

Hope to see you guys at one or more of these events!

4 thoughts on “Summertime is for speaking

  1. I’m not going to be able to attend any of these, unfortunately, but I hope you might be able to share some of your slides online? In particular, I’m fascinated by Ambient Intimacy and would like to hear your perspective – after the event :-)

    I really ought to see about trying to get to the Enterprise 2.0 conference as I’m speaking on similar topics in July :-)

  2. I’ll be trying to put some coherent thoughts together talking with Stowe Boyd later this evening (which is 10.30am PT) on his /TalkShow. I’ve finally been convinced to start putting my slides up on SlideShare, so I’ll be doing that for all these as well :)

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