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Stalking Scoble

So, the Scobles are in town (London) this week. I’m kind of interested to see what they’re like but… call me daft, I’ve got to say I’m a little intimidated by the idea of meeting them (and all the cool bloggers they’re bound to be hanging out with).

So, I was wondering whether anyone else might be interested in kind of stalking them (in a completely non malicious way, of course) and checking out what the crowd is like and if it looks interesting. If it looks interesting and not-scary then maybe we could go join in. Safety in numbers and all that.

Although… given that they’re meeting at 1pm, and most of us (surely) have to work at least a little later than that… by the time we were able to get stalky, they’d probably be onto about the 4th pub, which would mean both that we’d have to call Hugh to see where they were (which would kind of blow our cover), and that the conversation would surely be interesting!

So, perhaps unsurprisingly, stalking is not the answer. Is anyone not-scary thinking of going?

(Also, is this the dorkiest blog post ever?!)

UPDATE: in the end, the Scoble Stalking did not go ahead. I had IA Meetup on Thursday PM when the Scobles were at Girly Geeks, and getting out of work on Friday afternoon was always going to be wishful thinking. It’s a bit of a shame as I would have liked to have met him and reported back to you all… but it wasn’t out of scaredness, and I had a good couple of days doing stuff that’s more my thing anyways. Maybe next time :)

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