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six months that flew by (another blogging anniversary)

well… I can’t believe that I completely missed my six months blogging anniversary. It must because I’m still getting back into the swing of things… waiting for broadband at home to be connected (next week apparently) so that I’m not trying to squeeze a post in here and there in the office!

I think that in honour of this anniversary it’s about time my blog got a bit of a make over. Given my incredibly meagre technical skills, this essentially means hunting for a theme that i like, that provides a great user experience (more that this one!) and that will play nicely with WordPress and, hopefully, my plugins.

I’ve got to say… I’ve had a few looks over the past few months and found the pickings to be pretty slim. Do you have any suggestions of *good* WordPress themes? I’d love some pointers!

update: i can’t believe no one told me I had a typo. Not just somewhere in the post, but in my headline! few has now been amended to flew (as originally intended… did I intrigue anyone in the meantime, or did you just think i was being v sloppy!)

6 thoughts on “six months that flew by (another blogging anniversary)

  1. I hope you will keep the “pretty design pending” on your header, even after an update. You’ve got great content overall, so don’t take this the wrong way, but I have to say that catchy little phrase was one of the things that originally hooked me into subscribing. I don’t know why, but I think that line is hilarious!


  2. I could donate you my minimalistic skin with some Ajax enhancements. (comments/search) Only if you change the red color scheme, images and remove/replace the dashed lines. :)

  3. hey Jurriaan,

    thank you! that’s a very generous offer! :)

    I’ll add yours to my shortlist (when i get around to making one) and will get back to you on this. Yours is certainly nice and clean which is exactly what I’m looking for!

    thanks again!

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