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share your OPML?

Dave Winer wants you to Share your OPML. I’ve shared mine, you should share yours too! What’s OPML? Well Wikipedia says it stands for Outline Processor Markup Language and that it’s an XML format for outlines. Mostly it’s used to exchange lists of RSS feeds between RSS aggregators. There’s lots more info here. Dave says that the site is ‘a commons for sharing outlines, feeds, and taxonomy. I’m not sure where the taxonomy part comes into it just now. It does already allow some interesting manipulation of the data including: Top 100 Feeds, Most Prolific Subscribers, Who Subscribes to [a particular feed], and also allows you to see other subscribers whose lists are similar to yours. From a quick review, it seems quite accurate – a great way to find more feeds you’re interested in (as if you needed any more!).
If you’re a Bloglines user like me, getting your OPML file is easy. Once you’ve logged in just change the URL to http://bloglines.com/export and the page will change to show you a whole bunch of XML. Then go File, Save As and give it a nice name. Then go to Dave’s site, sign up, upload and share. It’s only going to be fun and interesting if we all be caring and sharing with our OPML.

3 thoughts on “share your OPML?

  1. Already there – you have to wonder what some people do besides read their feeds all day – over 8,000 feeds (WTF!?!) for the top subscriber can’t leave much time in the day for toilet breaks, let alone eating and sleeping …

  2. i know! it’s crazy.

    perhaps they’re all ‘professional bloggers’ searching for fodder?

    i struggle to keep up with my ever expanding list… but it’s worth the effort.

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