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rumours of attention scarcity have been greatly exaggerated

People have a boundless interest in those that they think worthy of their attention.

So says Stowe Boyd of /Message, and I agree entirely.

If you think something is important or interesting or worthy of your interest. You’ll make time for it. You’ll make it a priority.

Even when you have 300 blogs in your RSS aggregator, there are some that you will always have time to read.

When you scan for news online, there are some keywords that will always get your attention.

You’re not *supposed* to know everything or be interested in everything. If that were the case, we’d all be remarkably boring and alike. Stowe says:

People are making choices about the media they want to use to understand the world and define themselves through.

And, finally, a few words from Stowe on a subject I was trying to deal with a little in a recent post:

It is rare to find true voice: people whose expression of their thoughts captivates, makes us larger by shared insight and the resonance of strong ideas, authority based on more than tight reasonaing and clear grammar, but a deep understanding of our relationship to ideas and their application to make things better. How can there ever be too much of that?

How indeed.

On the otherhand. We only really need one TechCrunch. :)
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