Research Participants Required! Are you interested in Culture, Science, History, Art and more?

Are you interested in Culture, Science, History, Art and more? – share your thoughts and earn £60

We’re working on an exciting project with nine major British museums and need some people who are into their culture, art, science, history – basically the kind of stuff you can learn about at museums – to help us with some user research.

Here’s the catch – you can’t just be a *generalist*  – you need to have a particular focus… you could be anything from a fossil collector to a pastel artist, a costume designer or a writer.. You don’t have to be a regular visitor to museums (although, you might be). As long as you think museum collections could help you with your research, your learnings or inspiration for your work, you fit the bill

Does that sound like you? Or one of your mates? Or your dad? We’d love to talk more.

We’re interviewing around central London on 28-29 July. We’ll give you our hearty thanks and £60 for an hour of your time. So, drop us a line if that sounds like you, or spread the word to someone you think might fit the bill.

Much appreciated :)

contact by 25 July: [email protected]

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  1. JKahema September 8, 2010 at 11:19 am

    I’m so much interested in culture research but not culture as the simple meaning people used to define,but culture as the source of knowledges like sciences and Technologies.Again not only to the major British Meseums but for culture as an asset.Public Asset. I will be pleased so much to be one of the people who can contribute culture researh proposals from Africa, J. Kahema