Moo Flickr Mini Cards + Getting Real

Moo Flickr Mini Cards launched recently, as you may have read elsewhere. I’m stoked to see so many people checking them out and enjoying them because I had the pleasure of working with the Moo Team on the design of the service. It was interesting that Signals vs Noise wrote them up, because the design process that Moo undertook is really quite similar to the…

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links for 21 September 2006

Women researchers, designers & artists working in pervasive computing-related fields a great resource, and a work in progress. (tags: gender PervasiveComputing UbiquitousComputing) Pattern-based design – teehan+lax tackles the hairy question of ‘where do patterns fit in a UI designers toolkit’… a good discussion starter. (tags: patterns UI userinterface)

Help Me Crazy Egg!

There’s a kind of grim irony in exploring Crazy Egg, only to discover that the very thing that would make their website and service useful for me would never be able to be detected using the tools that they provide. Crazy Egg is designed to help you continually test and improve your site. They do this by capturing where on your site people are clicking…

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