if you’re looking for me, i may be in Second Life…

As I write this I am waiting for Second Life to download so I can install it and have a play. It’s come to the point where too many people are talking about it and considering it important … I have to go see it for myself.

Of course, I hardly seem to have enough time to keep my first life under control, and I do have a tendency to get addicted to these kinds of things.

So, I’m feeling very nervous and am kind of hoping I hate it. I’ll let you know how it goes. If I don’t, can someone come get me out?!

happy chatty people :)

I was just thinking lately how much I love blogging when people drop by and engage in the conversation. And you’ve all been such a chatty crew lately. Yay you!

Clearly, it is good to be a relatively obscure little blogger. Big bloggers like Kent Newsome and his friends are apparently feeling bored and lonely in an unconversational blog-echosphere.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have and read a small but conversational blog any day :)

Now, if the people I know in ‘real life’ would start engaging in the conversation here rather than* stopping me in corridors and IMing me, we’d have a rip roaring discussion going on! *prod* :)

*ok then, as well as!

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