links for 02 November 2006

Why Microformats – Home (tags: microformats) The Interface of a Cheeseburger (Information Architects Japan) All things have an interface. Shaping interfaces is shaping the character of things. The brand is what transports the character of things. When looking at McDonalds, iPod, Nintendo DS it becomes quite obvious that the interface is the brand. (tags: interfacedesign brand mcdonalds ipod nintendo) The iPod. Good or bad usability?…

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links for 01 November 2006

Odeo Plugin for WordPress Having trouble embedding an Odeo player into WordPress. Here’s your solution :) (tags: odeo podcast wordpress plugin) I also collected a whole stack of Microformats links (that’s one of the things I’m stewing on at the moment) but those didn’t make it via the Delicious post somehow… I think my blog may have been down momentarily.

links for 28 October 2006

Seeing through expert eyes: ace decision makers may perceive distinctive worlds – intuition and experience in decision-making (Science News) “Experts learn to perceive things that are invisible to novices, such as the characteristics of a typical situation. They make high-quality decisions under extreme time pressure. When difficulties arise, experts find opportunities for improvising solution (tags: expert experience) The Cluetrain Manifesto — Entire Text Index Page…

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