Jam On at Office 2.0 PodCast Jam!

Office 2.0 PodCastJam

The Office 2.0 Podcast Jam kicks off tomorrow – so be sure to go check it out and get involved. There’s some really interesting stuff happening from kick off including podcasts from Richard MacManus, Rosemary Stasek (talking about her experiences in Afghanistan, now that’s a perspective you don’t get at your average conference), and Eric Severson (talking about XML single-sourcing for document management, which is, for now, lost on me, but Anne tells me is very important and often overlooked!)

The online chat is open now, so that’s one very easy way to participate!

But it’s not too late to record a podcast and send it in as part of the jam!
For many of the participants, this is their first experience with podcasting, and I can tell you, it’s pretty straight forward. It’s even easier if you have someone you think is interesting and set up an interview with them! (or get them to interview you, or interview each other!). I’ll be doing some of that during the week using Skype (still investigating the best ‘recording’ option – anyone got recommendations)

One of the GREAT things about PodCastJam is that it allows all those voices who are usually absent from a conference like the Office 2.0 Conference to participate in the conversation. I’m particularly hoping to hear more women speak, more people talk from a design and user/customer experience perspective, and more people based in places other than the US.

So if any or all of those sound like you – let me encourage you to give it a go! Just a short 5-10 minute piece on whatever you think is interesting (you can really only cover one topic well in that time I reckon), and send it off for everyone to consider and talk about.

It’ll be great fun, so get involved! :)

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going pink (not just for October)

Pink for October

I’m guessing that most of you can’t even remember what my blog looks like, but I thought I’d let you know that I’ve *finally* got around to making my blog a little more personal (not that K2 isn’t a fine WordPress theme… it was time for a change).

It wasn’t really a particularly well planned exercise, and so I’ve unexpectedly found that I seem to have gone Pink, in October. So let’s pretend it was deliberate and I’ll say that I’ve Gone Pink For October.(Just don’t be surprised when November swings around and the pink goes nowhere!)

Now, I’m still ironing out a few bits and pieces (most noticeably, I can’t get my Archives page to work properly yet… even though I’ve achieved this on another blog elsewhere… ). I’d be interested to hear if you think this is an improvement and what you think you’d do differently. Oh, and what you like – I’d like to hear that too!

Don’t hold back. I’ve got a thick skin when it comes to anything design!