I love like.com
(now this is what I call innovative search)

Mary, my colleague who was in the room when Michael first sent me a link to Like.com can attest to how much I enjoyed playing with Like.com when I first saw it. And I’ve liked playing with it since then too! Within a short time from first hitting the site I had a few thousand dollars worth of shoes on my wishlist (I’m not telling…

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Participation Culture

Today was National Ban Bullying at Work day. We had an awareness activity at work today – not that bullying and intimidation is something that’s rampant or even existent in our workplace, or in any work place I’ved worked in so far (thankfully), but it’s important not to take that as a given. It got me to thinking about intimidation and participation though… and then…

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links for 04 November 2006

Plateauing: Redefining Success at Work – [email protected] something i’ve been thinking a bit about lately…. you don’t necessarily have to go UP the ladder to succeed at work. UPDATE: you now have to signup/log in to access this article :( ANOTHER UPDATE: Google Cache version can be found via link in the comments – thanks Greg! (tags: work success)

Podcasts are boring (Hot tips to hold attention)

I keep getting distracted when I try to listen to podcasts. My mind wanders, I check my email, before I know it I’m doing something entirely different and have forgotten that there’s someone talking in my ears. The podcast becomes background noise. I stop listening. You could say it’s my fault. That I don’t have good concentration, or discipline. That I don’t care enough. But…

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