links for 23 November 2006 – Of Flow and the Semantic Web

Little Book of Flow in HTML The premise of this essay is that those exquisite but all too rare moments when we experience ‘flow’, when we are truly creative, happy and intuitively know exactly what is needed, are simply those instances when we glimpse our original and true nature. (tags: flow creativity happiness) The Road to the Semantic Web what is this semantic web you…

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links for 22 November 2006 – Crowdsourcing & Gender Divides

The Significance of (O’Reilly) Threadless is ‘is a “crowd-sourced” manufacturing business’ (tags: threadless community design socialSoftware web2.0) Workplace pressures deter female techies from having children – Information Professional Sector News Read this. It’s very interesting. Particularly the divergence in perception between men and women. (tags: gender)

Can We Use Consumer Power to Make Good Design Count?

How do we make Good Design so important to companies that they ensure that it is a component part of the product or service they are taking to market? Part of the fallout from World Usability Day was a question raised by Jared Spool – Is World Usability Day Harmful for Practitioners? Part of this question was the relationship between design and usability and the…

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links for 21 November 2006 – Is IA dying? Kick butt on panels. But wait, there’s more!

It’s been a while between links, so here’s a big list for you to enjoy! Play buttons and YouTube’s interface – (37signals) I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve never thought about interface design as being a factor for YouTube’s success… but now that you mention it, it makes a lot of sense. (tags: youtube interfacedesign) altchi – call for submissions Nice idea. Does anyone else…

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