Are you in London? Want to be part of a research project? (There’s £40 in it for you!)

I’m doing some guerrilla research for a new web service this Friday and Saturday in London and I’m looking for participants. The specs are pretty loose – you need to use internet banking and be responsible for managing your own and/or your household’s finances. (You’re not allowed to be a financial expert tho, or extraordinarily rich). I’m happy to come to you and will take…

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links for 18 September 2007 – taking the ‘a-ha’ out of research data analysis

adaptive path » demystifying data analysis I always get a little miffed when I hear user-experience folk describe their data analysis process as looking for “a-ha moments.” … it leaves one with the impression that coming up with research insights is an experience of epiphany… (tags: data design ethnography research analysis)

Did you miss out on a dConstruct workshop? Don’t miss out again! :)

You might have read about the workshop I ran at dConstruct recently… it was fun for all and, even better, it appears that people found it valuable and are actually applying it in their day to day work – hooray! Word on the street is that there may be enough people interested in running the workshop all over again in early December. The dConstruct website…

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Who is the customer in Agile UCD?

Have you read the Agile Manifesto lately? If you’re doing Agile work then hopefully you’ve come across it. I always find it a really good touchpoint to come back to when thinking about what *is* and *isn’t* Agile – much more useful than looking at how any one particular flavour of Agile or one companies interpretation of a flavour of agile can be! At any…

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