Why collaborative research analysis rocks out.

(a quick definition, given that I’ve discovered that English is at least three separate languages: to rock out = to perform exceptionally well and give great satisfaction, as say, a rock band might ‘rock out’ on stage’.) These days when I’m doing any kind of user research, rather than going to my secret consultant place and doing that consultant magic that results in a presentation…

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Gardening Tools for Social Networks

I had a bunch of interesting conversations with people at the recent Future of Web Apps conference in London. This is more and more my favourite thing about conferences… talking to people and seeing what you end up talking about repeatedly… what are the themes that just emerge from the zeitgeist, with or without any particular curation on the part of the conference organisers. One…

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Ambient Intimacy at the Future of Web Apps

I was very happy to have the opportunity to hop up and share my thoughts on Ambient Intimacy at the Future of Web Apps conference in London yesterday. The slides are above. This is a bit of a move on from the talk I presented earlier in the year at Reboot – a little lighter on the ‘theory’ and a little more emphasis on the…

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links for 27 September 2007 – Including clients in the design process

A List Apart: Articles: Get Out from Behind the Curtain “Including clients in the design process” may sound like death by a thousand paper cuts. I used to think that designing with clients was a really bad idea. I didn’t want them around me while I was “doing my work.” They just seemed to get in the (tags: collaboration process workshop)