Ambient Intimacy at the Future of Web Apps

I was very happy to have the opportunity to hop up and share my thoughts on Ambient Intimacy at the Future of Web Apps conference in London yesterday. The slides are above.

This is a bit of a move on from the talk I presented earlier in the year at Reboot – a little lighter on the ‘theory’ and a little more emphasis on the practical impacts of designing for Ambient Intimacy.

There are still vast untouched areas on this topic that deserve a lot more attention (and perhaps we’ll give them some in the near future) – in particular, ideas around privacy and ‘containing’ ambient intimacy need to be addressed in much greater depth.

I’d be really interested to hear your throughs on this or anything you can glean from the slides above. (I’m really going to have to do one of those audio slideshare things soon… everything will make much more sense, I’m sure).

Are you in London? Want to be part of a research project? (There’s £40 in it for you!)

I’m doing some guerrilla research for a new web service this Friday and Saturday in London and I’m looking for participants. The specs are pretty loose – you need to use internet banking and be responsible for managing your own and/or your household’s finances. (You’re not allowed to be a financial expert tho, or extraordinarily rich).

I’m happy to come to you and will take up only about 30-45mins of your time – and you get £40, as well as the fun of participating (it will be kind of fun, I promise. Definitely not difficult!). No, you don’t need to be a finance whiz, have a current budget, or be showing a profit.

Drop me an email at: [email protected] if you’re keen and we’ll work out a time and a place!

UPDATE: I’m particularly interested in finding a couple of stay at home mums who might fit this bill…. is this you? Do you know of anyone like this? Please send them (or yourself) my way!