links for 31 March 2008 – Twittery Goodness

YouTube – Twitter in Plain English life happens between blog posts and emails (tags: twitter ambientintimacy) I’m Over Twitter (Three Minds On Digital Marketing @ Organic) for three reasons: most people are not that interesting; twitter takes bitesized content too far; twitter feels distancing even as it connects me. (tags: twitter ambientintimacy) Friending, Ancient or Otherwise – New York Times Academic researchers are … exploring…

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Understanding abandonment – how thoughtful ‘checkout’ design pays dividends

I’ve been doing a lot of my shopping online recently and it has gotten me thinking about the opportunities for designing ecommerce systems that we often don’t bother spending time on. We just plug in ‘off the shelf’ solutions and this means that all too often we’re not thinking about ways that we can design the shopping experience so that it better supports the way…

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It’s not easy being an edge-case

An important part of doing good design work is to decide what exactly it is you are designing and who exactly you are designing for – after all, you can’t be all things to all people. A side-effect of this good practice is the creation of edge-cases – people who might want to use your design, but who have requirements that you have not particularly…

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links for 07 February 2007 – User Research as Commodity

Tim’s Musings: User Research as a Commodity “The Product Manager and I were convinced that we needed to expose our work to end users prior to going live, and we could see there was no way we’d get even a week out of the schedule. So we decided to try something new—prescheduled testing.” (tags: agile user-research ucd ux)