Guerrilla Research – Recruitment

It’s been almost a year now that I’ve been doing predominantly ‘guerrilla’ design research. For me, this means testing in the field with a minimum of time, budget and fuss so that this kind of activity and the insight it provides is available to pretty much any client/budget/timeframe. One of the first challenges for guerrilla design research is recruitment – the particular objective being to…

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‘I can’t work this!’ – iPhone’s cameo in Sex In The City Movie

Yes, I’ve seen the Sex In the City Movie, I’ll admit it. Either the rest of the UX community hasn’t seen it yet or we’re all just ignoring the fabulous user experience moment that Carrie has with the iPhone. For those who haven’t seen it, she is handed the iPhone (not hers) at a time when she urgently needs to make a phone call. She…

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links for 25 May 2008 – Why Twitter is the canary in the news coalmine

Jeff Jarvis: Why Twitter is the canary in the news coalmine | Media | The Guardian Developers at the BBC and Reuters have picked up on the potential for this. They are working on applications to monitor Twitter… Summize, and other social-media services… for news catchwords such as “earthquake” and “evacuation”… (tags: twitter socialsoftware ambientintimacy)