links for 22 December 2007 – Twittery goodness

Make an easy £120 – Grab 3 friends and help research a new social messaging platform

We’re doing some research on a new social communication platform and need your help. More specifically – we need you and three friends you communicate with regularly online.

It’s a bit of an extended research project and you’ll need to be available for an interview in London between 17-20 December, and then again in the new year on the 7th or 8th of January and once more between 16-18 January.

We’ll make it worth your while though – there’s £120 in it for each of you and you’ll get to play with a new social communication tool and help shape its development before it is released publicly.

You need to be somewhere between 21-40yrs old, and you’ll need to be back from the Christmas break and doing whatever you usually do (work, study etc.) by 8 January.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in and you think you can rope in some friends and/or family, contact me ASAP at leisa.reichelt at for more information.

PS. if this is not for you but you know someone who may be interested, pls feel free to pass on the details. Thank you!

DIY User Research :: My BarCamp Presentation

This weekend I went to BarCamp and it was great. Always good to catch up with fellow campers and hear what’s on their minds.

What was on my mind this weekend was DIY User Research – you can see my slides above. This took me a little out of my comfort zone as I resolved not to say ‘it depends’ but to make some overall recommendations as to how almost anyone can afford the time and budget to do a little research, and the best ways to spend that time or budget.

This has been based on the experiences I’ve had recently doing User Research for start up companies who have very small amounts of time and money, but who desperately need the kind of research that I’ve recommended. The techniques I’ve suggested here have worked very well so far, although I hasten to add that I’ve undertaken the research work myself.

This is not to say that you can’t *really* do it yourself… if you use the right techniques you will get a LOT of value from DIY research… but an experienced researcher is, of course, worth their weight in gold :)