links for 25 August 2008 – What games can learn from social software

Infovore » Playing Together: What Games Can Learn from Social Software There’s a strange piece of slow glass between the web industry and the games industry. It’s strange because whilst stuff passes through it in both directions, it seems to move faster towards the web, and slower towards games. In the past 2-3 years, there’s been a lot of talk in web software about making…

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links for 20 August 2008 – Iteration Zero

The Wisdom of Experience Allan Cooper’s talk at IXDA Conference 2008 One week, rapid, collaborative, agile inception used in iteration zero or sprint zero To begin an Agile project we need a shared understanding of the most important business and user objectives to strive for. We need a shared understanding of the current work practice of those who will be using the resulting software.


UXD WTF View SlideShare presentation (tags: user experience usability design) Here’s a little presentation I wanted to belatedly share with you. It’s a talk I gave at the kind-of recent GUADEC conference. I’m not sure how much of it you can make out from the slides alone, but it’s a fairly entry level talk about the difference between Usability and User Experience, and the importance…

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