Design In the Open Community for Open Source User Experience Design

Just a very quick post to let you that I recently created a Ning community to allow designers and user experience people who are working in (or interested in working in) Open Source and Free Software communities to share their experiences, their projects, their questions and their mental health breakdowns! If this sounds like something you might be interested in, come join us here:

[Participate in Research] Are you on the market for a new phone, insurance or breakdown cover?

Are you currently looking at purchasing a new mobile phone, switching your insurance provider or getting breakdown cover for your car? We’re looking for people who are not so technically savvy who might be available to help us with a small research project in London on 6-7 July. We’re after everyone from students to grandparents, so if this is not you, perhaps it would suit…

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UX London – Designing for Content Rich Sites Workshop

Here’s a dump of tweets i sent during Jared’s workshop. sitting up the back of @jmspool‘s workshop – Why Good Content Must Suck: Designing For The Scent of Information Jared is talking about the Scent of Information and why it is more effective than designing for navigation humans = informavours Jared says: the best websites have a lot of content conten sucks the user towards…

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UX London – Quick Sketching for Interaction Design Workshop – Mark Baskinger & William Bardel

Here is a dump of my live tweets during this excellent workshop at UX London. If you like it, you should buy their book when it comes out later this year. wondering about the easiest way to export my tweets from yesterday and get them into chronological order sketching workshop kicking off, hooray! ‘and we’re going to get kind of sweaty’ ‘how many of you…

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