links for 7 February 2006

  • Why Is That Thing Beeping? A Sound Design Primer – Boxes and Arrows – lately i’ve been thinking about the role of sound in interaction, and how it should be designed/specified/documented. There is some interesting information here, but not much on the specification side of things -(tags: interactiondesign sound)
  • 10 ways to take advantage of web 2.0 from Dion Hinchcliffe’s Web 2.0 Blog. Next I’d love someone to do one of these on how Government regulated authorities can take advantage of web 2.0 within the millions of constraints that they have at the moment…. (sounds boring, i know, but would probably be very helpful for many of us… perhaps I should think on that some more) (tags: web2.0)
  • Tech.Memeorandum “The Web is humming with reports and opinions on technology. tech.memeorandum is page A1 for these discussions. Auto-updated every 5 minutes, it uncovers the most relevant items from thousands of news sites and weblogs.” Pretty smart application – clusters blog and other discussions with news items. (tags: 2.0 blog cluster)

43 Things and 8by1 – same, same or different?!

I’ve been playing around with 43 Things and its family of sites for some time now.

I was taking a browse through my inbox today (does everyone else use this? Its fabulous and I’ve only recently happened upon it!), and noticed a link that Robert Scoble (who I stalk via posted called 8by1

Now, I love the sentiment of the site (and it reminds me a lot of a site I was working on before called Act Now), but holy hell it reminds me way too much of the 43 Things site.

I took a little look around to see if anyone from 43 Things was claiming the site, or being credited for the the site or anything like that… but I can’t see anything. I tried checking out the 8by1 blog but that wasn’t loading…

I hate to bitch about something that has seemingly noble objectives, but … hell, it looks like they’ve ripped off 43 Things?!

Does anyone know some more background on this? Are they related?

I’m going to email them and ask. Stay tuned.

links for 6 February 2006

A bit of a mixed bag today!

  • Les Arts Saut amazingly beautiful trapeze act we saw on Friday night. Any trapeze act that features a musical ensemble with 2 cellos is going to get my attention, but this act is beautiful in so many ways. If you get a chance to go see Les Arts Saut, do it. I’ll post a few blurry photos to Flickr shortly ;) (tags: trapeze) Also, I have a couple of photos here.
  • User Centred Design Methodology and Tools You can never have too many reference for User Centred Design Methodology. If only to make sure that you’re keeping the user at front of mind all the time you’re designing. Having a sound methodology also helps to get the confidence of clients who, when the rubber hits the road, are often very inclined to ditch the user’s interest over their own. (tags: UCD usability)

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and yet… totally addicted to stats

don’t get me wrong. I see how this post is almost entirely contradictory to my previous one, but I have to confess that I have become utterly addicted to stats.

It kind of started when I got brave enough to start a Flickr account (I know. I’m so totally chicken and lame), and I suddenly noticed that people were looking at my photostream. For a brief moment I toyed with the idea that I was about to be uncovered as an undiscovered amazing photographer, then I just realised that there were just that many people out there looking at Flickr, sooner or later, one of them had to check out one of my photos. (If you’ve seen my photos you’ll similarly attest to this theory!)

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