web 1.0 buttons = today’s mobile banners?

better late than never I came across this image on BoingBoing

web 1.0 mosaic

it’s a mosaic of web 1.0 logos, in response to the recent popular mosaic of web 2.0 logos posted to Flickr and much discussed.

Now, here’s the question… is it just me or do these web 1.0 button mosaic remind you a lot of the banners we’re seeing on 3G mobile these days? (qualification: I can only speak for Australian 3G services just now).


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Freakonomics (Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner)


Several months after everyone I knew was reading this book I’ve finally gotten around to it. I’m surprised its taken me this long because, as I mentioned before, Malcolm Gladwell raves about this book and Malcolm’s books have given me some of my most engaging conversations over beers at the pub (I was going to say dinner party conversations, but … eh, I don’t have dinner parties and rarely get invited to them… I’m going to cling to the theory that its because I’m too young! Wishful thinking I think).

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shock of the new (or, oh no, i’ve broken my template and I can’t fix it.. yet)

apologies for those of you who were so fond, i’m sure, of the bright pink template I had up until a few moments ago.

I’ve somehow managed to break that template,.. I think it might be karma for picking on someone elses site?

anyway, until I get a chance to work out how to fix the bloody thing, we’re stuck with this rather dull grey version.

lucky I don’t have much on this weekend :)