why is Google & Yahoo’s share price slide good for web 2.0?

Reading about Google’s stock ‘crashing’ (according to the homepage of the SMH at lunchtime today) made me smile. And its not because I own neither Google nor Yahoo shares. To me, it seems to validate the idea that whatever you want to call this time that we’re travelling through now in technologyland is not a bubble. I was less into the stockmarket back in the nineties than I am now (hard to believe, I know), but I don’t remember corrections like this happening to the darlings of the NASDAQ. In fact, I don’t remember them even really having to report performance (although that was probably because no one was paying any attention). Its particularly reassuring because Google is being pounded for not delivering on what are, really, astoundngly high expectations.

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Vale Nam June Paik

Ah, flash backs to my undergraduate years when I think of Paik.

Best known, to me at least, for his work with video art, and for being a collaborator with John Cage and the Fluxus movement, I learned today that he’s also apparently responsible for the term ‘information superhighway’.

I wonder if he’s proud of that?

Vale Nam June Paik.

conference lust

aah, i’m a total conference geek. Yes, I know that most of the time they’re completely disappointing and you wish you’d never wasted the time and money, but every now and then – conference lust strikes.

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Delineating Information Architecture and Content Strategy

It seems to me that in many cases, the line between development of a content strategy and and information architecture is mighty blurry. I’m wondering if there is some kind of accepted process that everyone is following that I need to know about? Are there rules about who does what and where the crossover starts and ends? Continue Reading…

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