links for 16 February 2006

oooh, there’s some good links in here today!

I particularly recommend the two presentations (Tom Coates and Matt Biddulph) and the Sofake sites (their own, Billy Harvey and the Chicken site).

Enjoy :)

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links for 15 February 2006

Ahhh… linky goodness! With special thanks today to Yahoo for releasing bunch of really interesting and useful UI resources.

MeasureMap + Google: Is there something I’m missing?


More acquistions, even before products are deployed, smacks scarily of bubble-time but, given the influence of Adaptive Path, I’m going to give the news that Google have just acquired MeasureMap the benefit of the doubt. For now.

I threw my email address in the ‘notification’ form for measure map a while back but have never received an invitation, so all I have to go on are a few screenshots that I’ve seen on their site and elsewhere.

Here’s what I don’t understand… if I have a blog and Google Analytics, why would I want MeasureMap?

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