links for 15 March 2006

Searchscapes “SEARCHSCAPES: MANHATTAN” is an attempt to create a tridimensional map of Manhattan, using existing data from the web. The objective is to compare the city’s “physical spaces” and “information spaces” (search results). In the continuing theme of me hunting for cool map interfaces. This one is pretty cool. (tags: map dimensions text data interfacedesign)

rumours of attention scarcity have been greatly exaggerated

People have a boundless interest in those that they think worthy of their attention. So says Stowe Boyd of /Message, and I agree entirely. If you think something is important or interesting or worthy of your interest. You’ll make time for it. You’ll make it a priority. Even when you have 300 blogs in your RSS aggregator, there are some that you will always have…

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Platial – mashup with meaning

Have you had a chance to check out Platial yet? It’s a big call, but I think this is possible my favourite Google Maps mashup to date. Platial allows you to create your own maps using the Google Map interface, as well as add to other people’s maps. You can map *anything* you like. So, because it’s about people making meaning with maps/places, you end…

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great error msgs (part 2 : wordpress)

Previously I wrote about how taking a little time to write a good error message can turn what is potentially a catastrophic user experience into one that actually endears you to your customers. Here’s another great example from WordPress that turned a potentially frustrating experience (not being able to reach someone’s blog when I wanted to), into an experience that confirmed my experience of the…

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