blogging milestones (2 months)

In the last few days I’ve seen a few blogs I read celebrating their 4th birthday. I’m not sure what was going on this time 4 yrs ago, but it must have been blogworthy :) Congrats to you guys…. sorry I can’t remember who you are just now! (that’s the hazard of reading so many feeds, I’ve found!)

On the other hand, I’m celebrating a 2 months of blogging. The first thing is to say that it seems like so much more time than that! At the risk of sounding like an utter dork, blogging has become an integral part of my everyday. Even when I’m not actually writing a lot of posts, I’m often thinking about them. I’ve discovered that it’s relatively rare for me to blog ‘off the cuff’ in response to something I’ve just happened upon. Although, I guess, that’s what my daily links do, in a way. Blog posts actually take some time for me to craft… longer than I’d originally expected, but not so long that I actually go back and proof read them before I send them live…! Maybe next month (when WordPress launches its spellchecker!)

So, two months down and I’m still here… clearly this is not a fad. And I’m addicted to more than Google Analytics now. I finally put down some cash for BlogBeat. As I’ve discussed in the past, it’s far from a perfect stats package, but compared to other alternatives I’ve tried (paid and free), it gives me most of what I want. I still use it in combination with Google Analytics, and will continue to do so. And, I’m still waiting for the day that MeasureMap finally send out their beta invitations. I have high hopes…!

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links for 28 March 2006

Lots of linky goodness today, including a bunch of links to people blogging their experience of IA Summit 2006, just wrapped up in Vancouver, Canada. Wish I was there! Thanks for the blogging guys :)

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mobile: user interface design – the great frontier

Paper Prototype Testing for Mobile

I was reading a great post by Russell Beattie recently on handheld stylesheets and the great implementation that Opera have launched on their community portal recently. It took me back to my (not so distant) days finishing up my Masters degree with our digital project. As you may guess, my group did a mobile project.

It was a great little project and it really allowed those of us who’d been working in web for so many years to apply our skills to a different platform and develop some really interesting learnings. For me, I was pretty amazed by what we found with regards to Information Architecture and Interaction Design.

Being a university project, of course there was a lot more research involved than you’d usually have the budget of the time to do for a commercial build. This allowed time for me to definitively show that there were very, very few ID conventions when it comes to interface design for mobile web content.

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