chicks & conferences downunder – the conversation continues

So, Ben Barren revved up the Downunder Conference conversation again this weekend. More conversation ensues at the Women of 2.0 post earlier on this site.

We’re talking about unconferences (what are they?), should a chick blogging conference be included as a stream in a larger Downunder Web Conference? (If so, which one). And, is Ben Barren the appropriate champion for Aussie women who blog?

Come, join the fun :)

Storytelling requirements (and why most focus groups are a waste of time)

So, Malcolm Gladwell got me thinking about focus groups the other day. Actually, he got me thinking about the characteristics of groups and the way that people perform when in front of their peers, as well as perfect strangers.Malcolm was kind of talking about his recent article in the New Yorker, and gave this overview of a ‘taxonomy of reason-giving’:

[Tilly says] … We employ four kinds of explanations, he says: conventions (social formulae), stories (common sense narratives), codes (legal formulae) and technical accounts (specialized stories). And we get into trouble when we use one kind of reason in a context where another is necessary….

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chinese spam?

is it just me or have the spammers in China gone crazy lately?

Looking at my spam folder in gmail, not only have I been getting a whole lot more spam than usual (all beautifully captured in the spam folder thankfully), but it all seems to be in Chinese.

Bizarre. You too?

Hooray! Google Calendar! (you made my day)

Google Calendar
What a great way to wrap up a four day week (is it just me, or do the short weeks sometimes feel the longest!). Out of nowhere, say hello to Google Calendar.
Even better, it’s a pleasure to use. It does everything I want it to. It’s integrated with Gmail.
I’m in love. And, I hope to never use Outlook ever again. :)
I’ve been playing around with web based calendars for a while now, and they’ve all disappointed me with their interface, their inability to deal with the fact that I’m not in the US, their broken importing of outlook calendars, and other annoyances. So far, Google Calendar has only surprised me with little things it does that I wasn’t expecting. Now, if only I could be pleasantly surprised by seeing Google Maps for Australia!
Image Credit: BorkWeb
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