Using Google Calendar to replace MS Project

Tickler Calendar

The more I use Google Calendar, the more I love it.

Yesteday I realised that I could pretty much use it to replace Microsoft Project (if only I could create dependencies between items and spit out a gant chart…. perhaps I’ll just have to train clients to not like gant charts quite so much. What’s with that, hey?)

Google Calendar is SOOOO much better at managing multiple projects + life that MS Project will ever be. (Ever experienced a Project Central implementation? You’ll know what I’m talking about).

When I take on a new project, I create a new Google Calendar and name it after the project. I can then assign tasks to that calendar that appear, beautifully colour coded, in amongst all my other projects and personal activities on one calendar. At a glance I can see when I’m going to be super busy and when I’ll be able to go have lunch out of the office.

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links for 02 May 2006

what has Google Analytics done?!

It seems that Google Analytics has launched some new features including – hoorah! – the ability for people NOT in the US to see their stats in local time. Very nice, thanks for that Google. BUT! every since then I’m finding my poor old blog is taking AAAAGGGGEEESSSS to load, while it waits, and waits and waits for Google Analytics. Not sure about you, but that’s probably the number one reason for getting rid of stats code. In fact, that’s almost enough to make me stop dreaming of Measure Map.

Come on Google. Pull your finger out already. Let my blog load quickly again!

(Waves to the lucky people who read via RSS!)

links for 01 May 2005

One day I’d really like to design interaction for non-desktop interaction. Here’s a good article that talks a little about ubiquitous design.

Meanwhile, happy wedding anniversary to me :) (and Mick)