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links for 16 May 2006

trailer for sale or rent…

if you’ve got a bit of work that needs doing in the next month or so, I have a little time available. It’s the perfect amount of time for an IA review or some usability recommendations. Or perhaps you have a bunch of wireframes that need working through. I’m Sydney based but well set up for and experienced in offsite work. Contact me via leisa.reichelt at

excellent adventures in the UK

Rule Britannia

So, here’s some exciting news. In just under a month I’m heading off on an excellent adventure. I’m going to live in London for a while!

Yes, I’m probably about a decade late for this typical Australian rite of passage, but I’ve been busy with work and uni and the like… and I don’t think I’d be much chop working in a bar in Shepherd’s Bush. So, now’s the time! (more explanation here for those who still think I’m mad)

We’re taking a well earned break on the way, travelling via Singapore and a gorgeous island in Thailand, and touch down 2 July 2006.

At this stage, there are no set plans re: where to live, where to work and all of that malarchy. I wonder if I can ask you excellent people for your advice.

In particular, I’m keen to find out where the smart people work. The ones who are creative, intelligent and passionate. The ones who are inspiring to work with, who get to work on great projects, and where everyone looks forward to going to work every day. (Well, most days.. I’m a realist).
I’d also love to hear stories of adventures like this that you’ve had or that you’re having now (or that you’re planning) and lists of things that we *must* do / see / eat / drink / experience.

I’m going to try not to bore you too much with travel excitement on this blog, so we have a travel blog set up, if you’re interested.

30 sleeps to go!

Photo Credit: Malias on Flickr