so, I did something a little different yesterday afternoon. I went to UTS and graduated from my Masters of Interactive Multimedia. What a bizarre experience a graduation is. At times I wasn’t sure if I was in a university or a Catholic church! At any rate, after a three year slog, I now have my piece of paper. Hoorah!
talking to two of my lecturers after the ceremony (they both wearing the floppy hats you get to wear once you achieve a PhD) I commented on how much more comfortable their hats looked. They noted that there are several important advantages to having a PhD under your belt. The comfortable hats for one, but also having a great response to the question ‘is that Ms or Mrs’.

a compelling reason to think of a great PhD topic I think :)

flickr goes gamma

So by now you’ve probably seen the new Flickr interface.

Personally… i like that all the functionality is more accessible from every page, but the main photo page seems a little sterile now. Perhaps I liked the clutter? I *do* like having the two columns of photos on all the pages now though. I quite like the ajaxy dropdowns… but they’re kind of ugly, don’t you think?

Flickr Dropdowns

There are a few oddly placed elements, in my opinion. The number of photos and views just seem to be floating up the top of the RHS column, and then from time to time this spot is used for subnavigation/tools (e.g. profile page). It’s fine once you ‘learn’ it… but a little unexpected.

It took me a while to work out how to add a photo to a group. It seems to have disappeared from the Organizer, and has moved to the toolbar under the image name on the image detail page. I quite liked being able to add to groups from the Organizer… that made sense to me, and made it easier for me to select the photos I *really* wanted to add to groups.

But then, I was never really a Group poweruser. Maybe it’s better this way, if you’re *really* into groups.

There’s a good overview of the changes that have been made here.

How do you like the changes Flickr has made?

image via FlickrNation