links for 19 May 2006

Australians all, let us rejoice, for we have Google Maps!

Australia Google Maps
It’s been a long time coming and, just like Google Calendar, it comes completely out of the blue.
Hooray! Finally we have Australian Google Maps.
Reported today in the Sydney Morning Herald.
Let the mashups begin! :)

links for 18 May 2006


so, I did something a little different yesterday afternoon. I went to UTS and graduated from my Masters of Interactive Multimedia. What a bizarre experience a graduation is. At times I wasn’t sure if I was in a university or a Catholic church! At any rate, after a three year slog, I now have my piece of paper. Hoorah!
talking to two of my lecturers after the ceremony (they both wearing the floppy hats you get to wear once you achieve a PhD) I commented on how much more comfortable their hats looked. They noted that there are several important advantages to having a PhD under your belt. The comfortable hats for one, but also having a great response to the question ‘is that Ms or Mrs’.

a compelling reason to think of a great PhD topic I think :)