barCamp London – hooray!

yay! the first BarCamp that I’ve been able to make it along to! I’m very much looking forward to meeting some of the geeks of London and surrounds. I hope they’re nice :) Anyone else out there going? Now, as per the Rules of BarCamp, I just need to work out what my contribution will be. I’m welcoming suggestions! Anyone? :) (p.s. if you’re interested…

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how do we *feel* about these re-designs? (Technorati &

Two redesigns went live whilst I was mostly offline that particularly caught my attention, for quite different reasons. They are and Technorati. From what I’ve read there’s been mixed opinions (of course)… so I’m interested to hear what you think of them. Obviously it’s going to help if you’ve seen the previous incarnations of these sites. The News example is a fairly logical progression…

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links for 02 August 2006

UI makeover: (Berkun blog) I really like it when people post their ‘redesigns’, like this one, and take you through the rationale that they’ve used in making changes to the layout. (tags: design redux redesign) Usability through fun (Creating Passionate Users) Kathy Sierra is at it again – making user experience design interesting and FUN not braindead boring. (tags: usability fun userexperience)