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Opening the floodgates! How to participate in the redesign project

Suddenly, there are more ways that you can be involved in the redesign project – do any of these take your fancy? Redesign Twitter Group

If you’re on Twitter (or if you’d like to be), follow the Redesign Twitter Group at

Once you’re following you can share a message with everyone who’s interested in the redesign project by sending a direct message (start the message with a ‘d’) to the group and everyone who is following the group will receive the tweet.

Something on bothering you? Simple ‘d drupalredesign‘ then tell us what’s bothering you (in 140 char or less!). Your messages will be shared with others on the group. Redesign Flickr Group

A picture’s worth a thousand words right? That’s probably at least a few dozen Tweets ;)

If you’re a Flickr member (or you’d like to be) you can join and contribute to the Redesign Flickr Group. The idea is that you can post screenshots of things you think work well that we should pay attention to, or things you think need attention on

A good way to do this is to take a screenshot and add some notes so that we know what you think is good/bad/indifferent – if you’re Mac user, you could consider using (as Dries suggested in his keynote at Drupalcon recently). I’m sure others have similar great non-Mac applications to suggest!

You can also add more notes and comments to screenshots that others have uploaded.

The Redesign Flickr Group can be found here: Redesign Slideshare Group

We’ve set up a group on for the redesign project – any presentations related to the project will be added to this group. (Mark – you’d better put the Drupalcon keynote up when you have a spare moment!) Mark has already put up the Redesign Keynote from Drupalcon. (Thanks Mark!)

You can find it here:

Participate in one-on-one interviews during the design process

Of course, if you haven’t already signed up by filling out our short survey, you can do that too. If you do, we may contact you in the course of the next few months to ask you to review one of the iterations of the prototype we’ll be working on. We’ll have some questions for you to answer and some tasks to do. It’ll be fun! You can sign up for that here:

Of course, there is always the Redesign Group at which you can find and join here ( if you haven’t already!

We really look forward to having you involved in this journey (and beyond!).

Update: for those wondering, I’ve used GroupTweet to set up the Twitter group – I don’t know if this is the best solution or not so more than happy to hear your ideas/suggestions/feedback etc.

I’m still on the hunt for a good solution to auto-follow, so the group can follow you back immediately. Any recommentations?

I’ve signed up to SocialToo for auto-follow on Twitter – hopefully it works well enough!

4 thoughts on “Opening the floodgates! How to participate in the redesign project

  1. I am definitely impressed of your effort. Yes, use us ;) On collecting ideas many people are better than few.

    The idea to use Flickr and slideshare is as great as simple. Hopefully we will steal it for the usability group.

  2. This is a great opening for a very ambitious project. To give user-input in the design process is for users easy – to use this input and transform it to a design that is going to be viewed and used by hundreds of people every hour is an all out effort.

    Respect. And good Luck! I’ll see, what i can do.

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