on learning a new input device…

so, many thanks to Rachel, I’ve got my borrowed Wacom tablet all installed. Now I am spoiled for choice with ways that I can make my computer work – keyboard, trackpad, mouse, wacom/pen – it’s definitely overkill, but I love it!

I use a Wacom tablet as though I’m lefthanded at the moment – l’m trying to teach myself to use Denim, which I’ve mentioned before, as I think it might be a fun design/prototype tool.

It’s a whole new method of interaction and there is much to learn… as much as I’m trying to learn the software, I’m also trying to capture the experience of learning a new input method.

It’s only because I’m so committed to making Denim work that I’ve put in the effort to date. If I had less incentive I probably would have thrown the tablet away in disgust … I’ve been trying to apply the mental model of mouse usage to the pen – consequently all kinds of bizarre things happen as I’m compelled to hold the button down (thinking that it won’t do anything until I ‘activate it’.

Since then I’ve had a few ‘ah ha!’ moments as my brain *slowly* gets into tune with the pen and tablet model, and I’m almost able to make it do what I want it to now.

I’ll let you know how I get on with Denim soon!