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nerdy blog post (cool stuff for bloggers)

got a blog? this might interest you. Have you heard that Feedburner now support email subscriptions? Just copy and paste a little code into your template and they’ll do the rest. I signed myself up and received one of my own emails this evening, and it was a very satisfactory experience. So, if you want to get emails from here on, scroll down the homepage and you should see my little email signup form. Nice one Feedburner :)

But wait, there’s more. Do you have a WordPress blog? Would you like to get your Google Analytics and Feedburner stats all pulled together nicely into your WordPress Admin site? Well, clever Joe Tan has built us a plug in that does just that. Works beautifully. Good one Joe :)

4 thoughts on “nerdy blog post (cool stuff for bloggers)

  1. That’s great news from Feedburner, time to get rid of my Feedblitz email subscription on my blog… speaking of, these RSS->Email companies are really going to have to diversify to stay above water. Feedburner has just stolen the market with a much better product.

    I’m not using Mint either Kevin, but I’ve been tempted to purchase it so many times. When the Feedburner Pepper was released it was tempting, so it’s good to see a similar solution for wordpress and google analytics – this will keep me out of trouble for a whlie.

  2. no mint here either. I’m getting by on a combination of BlogBeat (which i paid for) and Google Analytics…and Feedburner, obviously. Holding out for MeasureMap. (It had better be good, I have great expectations!)

    i just can’t get past the fact that Mint makes me pay before giving me a chance to try out the service. As I’ve said in the past, I’ve tried quite a few blog stats options in the past and many of them have been pretty flaky (to put it politely)… Were Mint to give me a 30 day free trial, would be a whole other story. Giving me access to view someone elses stats just doesn’t quite cut it.

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