MeasureMap + Google: Is there something I’m missing?


More acquistions, even before products are deployed, smacks scarily of bubble-time but, given the influence of Adaptive Path, I’m going to give the news that Google have just acquired MeasureMap the benefit of the doubt. For now.

I threw my email address in the ‘notification’ form for measure map a while back but have never received an invitation, so all I have to go on are a few screenshots that I’ve seen on their site and elsewhere.

Here’s what I don’t understand… if I have a blog and Google Analytics, why would I want MeasureMap?

Given, the interface for MeasureMap is probably 100% more sexy and usable than Google Analytics (which definitely has its quirks)… but with my current combination of WordPress and Analytics, what is MeasureMap going to give me that I don’t already have?

Here are the key features that MeasureMap say they offer:

Easily navigate the numbers that matter (I do this now via Google Analytics)
Track links to see who sends you traffic (WordPress does this nicely for me, and Analytics also helps)
Find out what people do at your site (as much as I want to know – i think! – Analytics also tells me this)
Setup is a breeze — it only takes a minute (whatever… having set up WP and GA, why bother setting up more?!)

Or, perhaps, is it not intended for me at all? Is it going to be built into Blogger?

I suppose that if I’d had a play with MeasureMap the answer would probably be abundantly clear… or perhaps I’m just missing something completely obvious… what am I missing?

(And, will I feel silly for dissing everyone’s next favourite application?) :)

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