Look out Berlin!

Yay! I just found out I’m going to Euro IA this weekend! The line up looks great, and I’ve not been to Berlin before, so there is much excitement at the moment. (It will help me come to terms with missing the OZ IA Retreat, at any rate). Hoorah!
Now, who else is going to be there that I need to keep an eye out for?

4 thoughts on “Look out Berlin!

  1. Hey Leisa, I was just in Berlin for the first time myself and loved it! You must check out Potsdammer Platz and have a meal at Josty at the Sony Center there. Have fun! :)

  2. yay! Berlin is a great city, I love it! Didn’t make it to out to see very much as it was a fly-in, go to conference, fly-out affair… so have a big list of places to visit when I return!

    (thanks for the tips tho’ Aral!)

    updates on EuroIA coming very soon! (it’s been a frantic week at work!)

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