links for 05 June 2007

2 thoughts on “links for 05 June 2007

  1. Strauss and Howe is a really interesting piece. ‘Millennials Rising’ strikes a chord with comment my wife (GenX’r) made about a month ago regarding teens today just being interested in how their CV reads and why none of them like to be visibly/publicly passionate about personal likes/dislikes. I think the British media are feeling it too, there was an article in the Sunday Times colour magazine that caught the spirit of Strauss and Howe about a week ago too.

  2. […] Thanks to Leisa Reicheld for an onslaught of fascinating links this week. I was complaining recently that I couldn’t cope with the sheer quantity of conversations that the network lifestyle was expecting me to have. Seems I’m not completely alone. This posting sums up some interesting information about the “stalling” growing of the blogosphere and the things that people really find the time and energy to do online. […]

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