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links for 23 November 2006 – Of Flow and the Semantic Web

3 thoughts on “links for 23 November 2006 – Of Flow and the Semantic Web

  1. When i have flow, I am at peace. Flow to me is getting out of the turbulence – (whatever that may be – work, play relationships) and into the slipstream, it means ‘travelling’ faster and more smoothly and getting to wherever I am meant to be going with minimum fuss. Having ‘flow’ means there is no battle, that things are perfectly as god (who ever he/she/it is) intended them to be.
    Flow makes enormous sense when one has it but is elusive and seemingly imaginary when one doesn’t.

  2. I totally agree with Alex Iskold about the problems with OWL. I was staggered when I came across OWL doing some work on a website earlier this year, in that it seems like an idea firmly rooted in the 1990’s, when Web standards were top-down, handed to us through the benevolence of the W3C. Now, the W3C has given us some wonderful things, but Web standards don’t work that way any more. What happens these days is that someone popularises something nifty, implements it, and watches everyone else steal or clone it. Later come the lawsuits. But that’s a digression. My point is that everything on the Web is moving way too fast, and as Iskold says, from the bottom up rather than the top down, for a “standard” of ontology to catch on.
    Great article though – thanks Leisa!

  3. somewhere in all this semantic web is an enormous job for people who label themselves Information Architects, I think.

    If only they’d stop arguing about whether or not their profession is dying, and started looking at opportunities like this….

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