6 thoughts on “links for 04 November 2006

  1. Hey Leisa,

    It’s Daniel, now ex-WTAA :)

    Just wanted to give you some feedback on your naming convention for ‘daily candy’ aka links for the day — when they age and get condensed into title-only items in the Previous Posts section, titles like “links for (today’s date)” aren’t very enticing… and it makes your blog look like it’s just a link farm… maybe you could include one or two word summaries of link topics in the title?

    Hope you’re well! Cheers,


  2. hey Daniel, thanks for the note. What are you up to these days?

    thanks for the feedback on the daily links… the format they the come through in are more or less as Del.icio.us sends them to me, and I do try to give some kind of description with each of the links so they have some kind of context, but I do see what you mean. And I know there’s a fairly significant group who don’t really find the links very valuable/useful/good reading.

    Perhaps I should do what others are doing and save them all up for a once a week link post (could be a big one) or ditch the links all together…

    and I’ll definitely give some thought to making the post titles a little more descriptive.

    thanks again :)

  3. I think you should let folks know that this blog topic goes straight to a site where you have to sign up to get the info. Maybe I’m alone in this, but I usually avoid those links when I can.

    Obviously if I wasn’t interested in the topic I wouldn’t have tried the link!

  4. hey Elianna,

    thanks for the note.

    this is really odd actually because when I linked to it the other day you didn’t need a login to access the content… they’ve obviously changed that since then. What a pain!

    I’ll update the post to note the login requirement tho’, you’re right – definitely best to do that.

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