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  1. empressr looks pretty cool, I love that it’s web based – when the bugs are zapped it’ll hopefully be a practical app to add to the online arsenal… I’ve been loving snipshot (formerly pixoh) and often use it for quick edits instead of firing up paint shop pro or seashore.

    oh yeah, get a mac, you’ll love it ;) keynote and pages alone make it worth the switch… not to mention thousands of other reasons!

  2. hey Andy.

    I was thinking about the web-based aspect of Empressr and thinking – if you’re going to present, are you really going to trust your presentation to the interweb? For me, if I’m presenting and I’ve done a real fancy set of slides, I’ll put it on the interweb, and my laptop, and my USB memory thingey AND a CD.

    There’s no WAY I’d just leave it on the internet.

    To me, that service needs to give me a way to save as somewhere safe.

    Pixoh/SnipShot, however, I completely love. I can’t say I use it ALL the time, but I’ve used it on and off for almost as long as it’s been around. I’m a fan.

    Re the mac… yeah, I’m tempted. But then, I’d want a nice laptop, and from what I’ve heard.. they’re a little hit and miss at the moment!

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