links for 14 July 2006

  • What does this mean? The language we use really matters. It shapes outcomes. Words change our perceptions. What we hear and what we say can bend reality. This is not trivial.
  • Darren Rowse recently conducted a poll on his ProBlogger site to determine the proportion of male/female readers. In this post he considered what the resultant stats and the m/f balance in commenting might mean re gender and blogging

3 thoughts on “links for 14 July 2006

  1. I love seeing the tags you’ve used: language and memory. Why not psychology, webword, attention, and research? Do you already use these tags for other material? Are these totally new tags or does my posting just what predefined buckets?

    The good things about tags is that they are so bottoms up. Tags and clouds and whatnot simply emerge. The downside is that structure and organization only becomes evident when many users contribute. Until that happens, you’ve got noise.

    I need to re-read these articles:

    Ontology is Overrated: Categories, Links, and Tags

    Market populism in the folksonomies debate

    Semi-structured meta-data has a posse: A response to Gene Smith

    Have you seen all of these?

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