links for 27 April 2006

  • via the Ajaxian, this is gorgeous. Lots of tiles on a page, and as people around the world move a tile, you can see it in real time (much better than it sounds). Even more amazing, see how quickly people engage in ‘play’ – (who stole my tiles! I was just
  • Exploring the nature of ethnographic inquiry, this paper suggests that “implications for design” may not be the best metric for evaluation and may, indeed, fail to capture the value of ethnographic investigations.
  • interesting looking agency who do UI ‘innovation’ and mkting. If I was moving to SF I reckon I’d be looking them up :)

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  1. […] Recently, Leisa Reichelt linked to an article by Paul Dourish titled “implications for design.” This article is reasonably critical of the ethnographic method being used to collect information that informs the use of design. […]

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