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  1. Ohh I’ve looked for something decent in this area for a while, mainly concentrated around this list. Ideally the app needs to be able to send notifications by email to whichever email address I give it (multiple addresses that don’t need to be logged in).

    Few do this though, as they are all looking at it from a ‘community’ point of view and want everyone to log in…

  2. hey Gordon :)

    so, no recommendations yet?

    i know lots of people have talked up 30Boxes, but it didn’t really do much for me.

    First up the import from Outlook didn’t work – my schedule ended up all over the place (seemingly randomly into the next 6 years!), and then it doesn’t appear that you can assign an ‘appointment’ to an hour, just to a day… which doesn’t really work for me… I’ve become reliant my my reminders!

    thanks for dropping me a note. I’ll have get onto my calendar review soon!

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