links for 8 February 2006

Just a couple of quick ones today:

  • 30 Boxes | it’s your life a shareable online calendar. i haven’t had a chance to have a play with it yet, but I’m looking for a calendar that I can use in place of Outlook (unless Google are about to launch one that is integrated with gmail), so I’m going to take a look at this in the next few days as an option. (tags: calendar SocialNetworks sharing)
  • coComment – clear conversation in the blogosphere coComment says: Tired of commenting and LOSING TRACK of your discussions? Want to SHARE YOUR COMMENTS on other’s blogs with your own readers? Want to BE INFORMED when someone responds to your comments? thank god for coComment. Basically, from what I can see and have heard, this is a way to aggregate all the comments you make on various blogs into one place. I’m only just starting to get into this commenting caper, but already I am starting to lose track of where I’m leaving a note, which makes it highly unlikely that I’ll see any responses that people are making to anything the conversation that I’m interested in. I can see this being a valuable tool. I’m still waiting for a secret code so I can get in and play with it myself.  (tags: blogs comments aggregation)

6 thoughts on “links for 8 February 2006

  1. Leisa – CoComment is a bag of fun, and it’ll really fly when
    a) more people are using it, and
    b) when they fix up a couple of problems with some blog software.

    You’ll see some of it better if you can get your CoComments on your own blog (plus any related comments like this one …). I’m not sure if WP will handle it, but if it doesn’t I’m tipping Laurent and the others at CoComment will soon sort it out. Check out my site if you want to see that in action.

  2. hi Ric,

    You’re right, having the CoComment component on your site is pretty cool. I’m still settling into my template here (in fact, I just have a temporary one here after I managed to break the Kubrick template, which most people claim is impossible!), so when I have some time to play I might include the CoComments in my sidebar.

    I’m actually still getting over commenting shyness to be honest… in the past, I was actually quite happy to comment and hide and never check back – in case someone thought what I said was dumb or wrong. I’m about 99% over this now, so CoComment is actually proving to be quite fun for me.

    It would be good if I didn’t need to remember to hit tbe button in my browser before submitting a comment tho’… !

  3. “Commenting shyness” – I like that! But blogging yourself is only half the story – it’s the comments (yours and others) that make it a conversation, so keep working at it. I’ve said some dumb things occasionally, but at the moment the world out here is reasonably forgiving (just don’t make the same mistake twice!)

  4. hi Jack,

    yep, I agree. Dialogue is the whole *point* of blogging. Otherwise why put it online?

    CoComment is turning out to be a little disappointing for me now that I realise that its only tracking other CoCommenters comments (how many times can I say ‘comment’ in a sentence?!)

    So I’m still having to go back to the individual blogs to track the entire conversation.

    I hope they’re able to get the entire conversation aggregated soon (assuming its not an enormous privacy nightmare).

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